Meet Justine! Justine is our DTS Coach and is passionate about helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives by integrating healthy habits, activity, nutritious foods, and balance into their lives. She believes that living a balanced lifestyle is what will help her patients not only achieve the results they want, but also maintain their results over time.

Justine studied psychology at Ohio State University and studied therapeutic bodywork and holistic integrative living at Ivy Tech. She has been working as a health coach for years, and managing our DTS program is something she’s very passionate about. She loves being a facilitator for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Encouraging patients to implement small daily habits to improve their health is what she enjoys, all while watching her patients succeed. She says, “motivating others to live their best life and feel their best is truly rewarding. My favorite part about managing the DTS program is the amount of knowledge I’ve gained about the human body, allowing me to remain consistent in my personal life and inspiring my health and the health of my family.”