Food intolerance is a sub allergic mode that stops some functionalities of the metabolism. Continuing to eat a food to which you are sensitive tends to manifest in weight gain. It can also lead to a series of acute and chronic diseases as headaches, gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis, arthritis, acne, etc.  

With a simple hair sample collection (that’s right, no needles or painful skin prick test!), Thema 400 is able to give you a food table that shows what foods you are intolerant to, a personalized diet, a strategy of wellness treatment and a full interpretation. There are about 600 foods, 6 biological indexes, nutritional tables and exercises given. The results don’t just give you a list of foods but also spices, drinks (including types of alcohol), types and cuts of meat, sweeteners, dressings and sauces, and even miscellaneous items like chocolates and teas. Thema 400 doesn’t just show you foods you should avoid, it also shows you which foods your body metabolizes and digests BEST, meaning foods that you should try to eat more often.

Other weight management and food allergy programs don’t work in the long term because they are ‘one-size-fits-all’ and they ignore and don’t identify your specific food sensitivities. 

You may have food sensitivities causing you digestive stress AND causing you to have a slower metabolism AND causing you to get bloating and have inflammation. That is why the once-size-fits-all diet industry has a failure rate of 84%.

Not only do we give you a comprehensive list of your food sensitivities, we also help you create a meal plan and diet.