Welcome to the DTS Weight Loss Center!

DTS stands for Dedicate, Transform Succeed.

The DTS Center is focused on health management through nutrition, supplementation, diagnostics and exercise. By incorporating all these factors, we can provide a truly comprehensive approach to your health management getting you the results you are looking for. All of our programs are focused on the longevity of our patient’s health. 

We offer a variety of programs including Weight Management Programs, Health Coaching, and Food Sensitivity Testing and Counseling, all geared towards equipping you with the tools you need for lasting, long-term success. Whether that means weight loss, establishing a workout routine, or just learning how to integrate healthier habits into your lifestyle, we’re here to help!

Our Values

Longevity of Health – Our entire approach is about making sure we manage our patient’s health. We are not only after weight loss but also fat loss. It is important that our patients walk away with tools that they can use for their entire lifetime to stay healthy.

Empathetic Ear – We understand that there are many reasons for weight gain or not being able to keep the weight off. We understand and want to help you break through those barriers. We do not expect perfection throughout the process.

Consistently Consistent – Weight management is not a sprint but rather a life-long marathon. We want both our patients and staff to be consistent throughout the process.

Goal Accountability – From staff to clients we will continuously hold one another accountable to our goals and targets.

Purposeful Fun – Your overarching goal is to feel better so that life can be more fun and fulfilling. We always want to keep that at the forefront.